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Cargo And Ground Handling Services

This division is being operated by a French company called Sky Handling Partner (SL) ltd, a subsidiary firm of Groupe Europe Handling (GEH) with headquarters in France. The company is equipped with modern and standard handling equipment manned by well trained personnel of the company.

The handling equipment include the following:-

  1. Standard Passenger  steps equipped with canopies
  2. Electrical Tractors
  3. Conveyor belts
  4. Lower Deck Loaders
  5. Ground Power Units
  6. Air Start Unit
  7. Forklifts
  8. Water Carts
  9. Toilet Carts
  10. Catering Trucks.
  11. Crane

The company can handle up to five aircrafts at a go  with quick turn round which makes them more efficient and thorough in handling the aircrafts.
A cargo Terminal is currently under construction sole by GEH with the facilities of four (4) cold rooms, Xray for scanning goods for export and CCTV.


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