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The Freetown International Airport (FNA) is located on the Lungi Peninsular, at a distance of about twenty Five (25Km) kilometers from the capital city of Freetown, which is on a peninsular.

Although relatively close, the airport is separated from the city by a body of water which is five (5) nautical miles wide at its narrowest points. This body of water is the estuary of the Sierra Leone River which is navigable up to a distance of 150 kilometers.

The airport itself is located north of the city of Freetown at Latitude 08 36” and Longitude 13 11  44”W, and approximately 15Km from the Targrin Slipway. The Targrin Slipway is separated from the Freetown Peninsular by a body of water that is 5 nautical miles wide at its narrowest point.

The aerodrome reference point is located at the centre of the runway at an altitude of 26 metres above mean sea level. The aerodrome reference temperature is 28.6 C. The magnetic variation at the airport is 13 30” (1974).

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